Literally the funniest scene Mark Sheppard’s ever done. This reminds me of a Mr Bean sketch.  If you haven’t seen this then quite frankly you haven’t lived.    Why does this make me think of Dean and Sam doing the same thing to Crowley though?

[[the look at 0:51 and the hand thing at 0:53 though, oh my God Mark <3 ]]


My all time favourite Sterling moment.

The real reason Crowley didn’t get in the elevator with Dean.

Yep it’s my head canon that Crowley possesses Sterling but they both have different days of consciousness. When Crowley isn’t in SPN he’s in Leverage and vice versa

Anonymous asked:

I read your fic, Unholy Liaison, recently i was enjoying it until you mentioned Crowley breaking the hymen The hymen rarely tears during sex its highly elastic starting at puberty and when there is blood during sex its probs because the vaginal wall is torn due to lack of natural lubricants and cushions which come from full arousal Im sorry if you've heard this before, i try to educate as many people as possible. psychology today has some informative articles if you would like to learn more

Sorry, I am not very well educated on it. I will change the wording when I’m next at a computer.

and sorry people this wouldn’t let me tag it as NSFW!


Original imagine: (Imagine having sex and losing your virginity to the King of Hell inside a church on the church’s altar)

Author: Crowleylovesyou

Warnings: Sex inside a church, desecration of a church/hallowed ground, disrespect for religion/church (so sorry if it offends anyone but it’s just what Crowley would do! I have the utmost respect for religions, churches etc), loss of virginity/breaking of the hymen (but Crowley remains a gentleman and checks the reader is okay), dom/sub, BDSM, power play, name calling, swearing, use of Crowley’s powers during sex, biting/hickeys, scratching, breaking of the skin, mentions of Crowley dosing on human blood.

Reader gender: Female (but as with all my fics, I am willing to write a trans, male or other version of each one if asked)

Word count: 2,870

Character: Crowley  

My NSFW fic